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This eGuide provides:

  • Best practices from  top  propane marketers and how they are using tank monitoring services to differentiate their business
  • Strategies, price points and customer types you should be targeting with your services
  • Most commonly asked questions propane marketers have when starting to promote these services
  • Plus MUCH more!




About Tank Utility

Tank Utility helps propane fuel suppliers modernize their businesses and earn higher margins every year. With easy to use LTE tank monitoring devices connected with industry-leading software and analytics, Tank Utility offers real-time and actionable insight into your customer tank levels optimizing every day business activities such as eliminating wasted deliveries and increasing your drop sizes.  In addition, Tank Utility uniquely partners with you to market to your customers better with a branded mobile app and value added services that help you win, retain and engage your consumer and commercial customers while ensuring they never run out.

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